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Travelling with your pet is a surprising experience and it has to be for both


Originally from Luxembourg, Nathalie has been based in Italy for 25 years. She has travelled the world and built over 15 years of experience as a Sales & Marketing Manager in luxury hospitality.

She still travels and works with exclusive and luxury tourism facilities. Nathalie is educated and trained in six languages, such as Italian, German, French, English, Portuguese, and Luxemburghish, and has proven record with some of the most high-end hotels around the world.

Following several decades of working at Hilton Worldwide, Nathalie has nurtured a dream: make her own contribution to luxury hotels in an unique way, one no one ever thought of before

Her love for animals, together with the passion for hospitality, have guided her during her professional achievements and have contributed to the idea of being able to provide unique services to guests with pets – services that are seldom provided in Europe.

With Prestige Exclusive Pet Friendly Hotels, Nathalie wants to instil the idea that, through the eyes of their owner, a pet has to be given the same welcome and discretion. This is where Nathalie’s project to provide pets with a luxury sofa, designer bowls and refined gadgets started to take shape: every detail has to make the guests’ experience as unique as possible.

Having worked in luxury hospitality for a long time, I have had the chance to experience first hand how important it is for guests to find a hotel that not only welcomes pets, but can provide added value services that anyone who has chosen to have a pet as their life’s companion would appreciate. 

On the other hand, I am witness to the fact that a pet is a friend for life, and to give them the right level of attention outside the home is only appropriate: with Prestige Exclusive Pet Friendly Hotels, I would like to put human beings and pets on the same level, and provide them with an extroardinary experience.

This project also has an ethic goal: to help less fortunate animals, by donating a part of the proceedings to charity.

Travelling wih your pet is a surprising experience and it has to be for both the owner and the pet”. 

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