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Loving and caring for animals has been part of me since I was a child…

Being able to help innocent and vulnerable animals fills my heart with a priceless feeling of joy, and the will to do good with what I have at my disposal has always been a strong constant in my life…

Many organisations help animals in need, and I follow and support their efforts. There is one in particular that has greatly impressed me though, and to which I feel I owe my most sincere support: Animal Aid Unlimited, a non-profit organisation run by volunteers whose mission is to rescue and look after stray or injured animals in India. Thanks to their stories of love and care, more and more Indian people have found inspiration to do good in a developing country such as India.

This story teaches the power of an authentic feeling: the strong will to help animals in need even when you might not have a lot for yourself in the first place. They help animals because “real wealth is not in what we own but in what we give” this has become my lifetime motto. 

Here is my promise to the people who introduced me to the enlightening truth above: to support Animal Aid Unlimited, by donating part of the proceedings from Prestige Exclusive Pet Friendly Hotel to its volunteers, so that new and very much needed locations in India can be opened. Animal Aid Unlimited is not a partner of Prestige Exclusive Pet Friendly Hotel, but it is my personal challenge to support them and fulfil my dream to help animals in need. Once a year, I will update the Prestige Exclusive Pet Friendly Hotel website with the amount we have donated to this amazing organisation.

I want to give back to the people who taught me that giving is the first meaning of love.

 If you can offer your contribution by making a donation on the website, then I will be most grateful to you for that.

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Hello how can I help you?
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